Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to become a Thirty-One consultant

The other day I was asked a really great question..."I want to join your Thirty-One team but I don't live near you and I wouldn't even know where to start." Being long distance is not a problem at all my Thirty-One team spans across the entire country. Our communications would just have to be via phone, email, or skype. Now when it comes to celebrate and connect meeting my consultants are able to attend a meeting any were. I would help you find one that is being conducted with in your area.... Now to actually become a consultant all you have to do is go to: www.mythirtyone.com/135290 this will take you to my official Thirty-One website. then click on the link at the bottom right where it says join now. You will be directed to another page which tells you a little bit about the company, you will then go to the very bottom and will click in the link in pink which says "click here". Next you will click the enrollment kit you would like to receive a pop up will come up to confirm that this is the kit you would like. You will then need to agree to the consultant agreement. Then if you would like to choose personalization of your kit you have to give the names of the hostesses for your first 4 parties (this is not required). If you choose to personalize your kit next you will go threw the personalization steps. If you are not personalizing you will go straight to imputing you personal info. Click continue and you are on your way to becoming a consultant. You can expect to receive your kit within 3 business days. You will also here from me within 2 days.

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